lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009



Since I last posted, I have now treated with the bionic :
- Candida (2 strains – parapsil & albicans)
- Streptococcus (haemolyt, viridians & streptococcinum)

I didn’t get any adverse effect treating candida. However when 1st treating streptococcinum I developed sore throats.

So following these treatments, I have now treated all the suspected co-infections with the bionic since leaving germany.

I have just visited my local naturopath to get tested (with a vega machine – similar to Biocom that Dr W uses) for these co-infections to check I have cleared them.

Results were: -
all strains of streptococcus,
candida parapsil,

Candida albicans

So now I plan to continue treating the candida with the bionic + am going to treat mercury followed by infusions (essential when treating mercury) & then start with a blood nosode to be able to treat any other infections that we haven’t identified.

How am I???
Well I’m keeping well off abx – now been off them for 4 mths & no relapses.
I have very good energy levels, am playing lots of sports & managing late nights out without suffering any fatigue effects.

My symptoms: - I still however do have the following persistant neuro symptoms:
- imbalance/vertigo – swinging/rocking sensation (like on ship)
- parasthesia (tingling all over)
- shooting sensations up arms & legs

none of the above symptoms have improved nor worsened with treatment.

Overall thoughts – I am still very happy with the bionic treatment & remain confident it will keep me well.
As for the persistant neuro symptoms – I’ll wait see over time & with further bionic treatment is these disappear……………………??

I’ll continue to keep posting to keep any followers of this blog updated
Until next time………………….

viernes, 3 de abril de 2009


this week i started co-infection treatment for toxoplasmosis with bionic machine.

i've had 2 sessions so far & it has hit me hard with bad diarrohea & vomiting - so obviously killing something in my gut or massive release of toxins??

i'm now going to take 2 wk break then treat another co-infection (strep or candida)so i'll keep posting on this blog after each co-infection tx or whenever i feel some significant progress/change in symptoms to report.

bye for now


Hi there,
it's now over 3 weeks since i returned from bionic treatment in Germany so i thought i'd write an update on how i'm getting on...........
  • my energy levels are still good - i'm playing golf, tennis, swimming, managing late nights out............
  • i've had no further night sweats
  • i've had no relapses - i've been off abx 10 wks now & normally prior to bionic tx, i've relapsed badly within 3-4 wks of stopping abx but not now :-) it's great not to be popping so many pills every day !!
  • however i still do have lingering neuro sx - vertigo/imbalance, tingling, shooting sensations uo arms & legs. - not sure if these are still borrelia related or co-infection? (as Dr W said may take 4 mths for borrelia sx to clear) - so we'll see...........................

overall i'm very glad i made the trip to germany. i will have a better opinion on effectiveness of treatment in 6 mths time - so i'll keep u all updated here..................................

miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2009


had photon treatment #5 on monday, then got tested for borrelia & co-infections on tuesday.

GOOD NEWS -yesterday i was given all clear of borrelia by Dr Woitzel :-) so was celebrating with champagne!!! ´(ok i know not good for strict diet but hey its worth celebrating!!)

it's hard to believe that i no longer have borrelia as i've been ill with it for over 10 years.

the main symptoms i would say have improved are: - ankle, knee & spinal joint pains & spinal stiffness. I've still got lots of dizziness & imbalance - but this must be caused by co-infections?

i managed to ask Dr W more questions on how the photon therapy works & whether borrelia is actually cleared from my body. i will share with you his replies:

- he said there are 2 schools of thought:

1) borrelia is eliminated from the body with photon therapy.

2) the photons change the frequency of the borrelia so that it is no longer functioning at a frequency that makes us sick & with symptoms. (this latter thought is what Dr W said he believed). so we become asymptomatic.

i also carried out some tests for co-infections, using the nososdes i had purchased from Meripharm pharmacy.

here are the results:
Borrelia (DR W) -NEGATIVE
Borrelia, babs, ehrli -NEGATIVE
Bartonella - little (with Biotensor)
Candida Parapsil -Little
Candida Mona (Albicans) -POSITIVE (50)
Candida Krusei -NEGATIVE
Streproconnum - POSITIVE (40)
Strepto haemolyt -POSITIVE (50)
Streptococcus Viridians -POSITIVE (50)
Staphylococcus -NEGATIVE
Chlamydia Trachom -NEGATIVE
Filariose -Little
Listeriose -NEGATIVE
Toxoplasmosis -POSITIVE (50)
Mycoplasma -NEGATIVE

Flying back to my sunshine home tomorrow - cant wait :-) i'm sure there'll be a few more fiestas to come............................

my plan now is to treat co-infections with the bionic machine

i'll continue to update this blog regularly for those that are following my progress so you can see how i progress post treatment.

thanks for following my treatment - surfbabe xx

sábado, 7 de marzo de 2009



had photon treatment #4 on thursday - same as before: photon therapy + infusions.

after effects: - still getting drenching night sweats & increased joint pain & inflammation.
(prior to coming to germany i hadnt had night sweats for about 1 year but now getting every night, so either its my body's way of ridding toxins or co-infection are back active??)

went to Meripharm ( in nearby town baden-baden to buy some more nosodes for co-infections.
(for those coming to germany for bionic - i highly recommend this pharmacy to get the co-infections nososdes as they have a large stock & do not require prescription - check out their website for full list of nosodes - they sell most apart from bartonella & babesia - i got these from in usa prior to coming to Germany)

next treatment monday....... + testing for co-infections so will be interesting to see what Dr W finds in me..............................

lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009



had a fun-filled weekend with other lymies - out experiencing german nightlife + relaxing in saunas & hydro massage pools

Photon treatment #3 was yesterday - same as before - photons + infusions.

after effects :

  • mild night sweats last night
  • woke up feeling more alert in this morning & more energy.

Noticable improvements from bionic so far:

  • more energy
  • less breathlessness/wheazy/chest tightening
  • waking up with clearer head, more alert in mornings
  • circulation much improved
  • BP higher - NMH/POTS (neurally mediated hypotension) improved - am better able to tolerate upright position with less blood pooling at feel
  • feel more relaxed - less nervous tension

Persistant symptoms contninuing:

  • vertigo/dizziness, imbalance - swinging/rocking feeling like ship
  • shooting sensations up arms & legs
  • paraesthesia (tingling) all over

(however i believe the above to be caused by bartonella - so will be interesting to see how i test to bartonella nosodes next week)

off for swim & sauna now!

next treatment thursday............

jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009



had photon treatment #2 yesterday - same procedure as #1 :
- photon therapy for 1 hr
- followed by drip infusions.

after effects this time:
  • evening of treatment day - sleepy & slight increased inflammation in brain & spine. NO night sweats this time :-)
  • next day (today) - NO "bone crushed" herx feeling, NO worsening of joint pains. I woke up feeling energised, BP higher (normally i'm lethargic in morning as low BP from NMH but not today) - am just off out to the gym for a workout!!!

so it seems each photon treatment is having a different effect on me.

Now for the weekend off - going out with the other lymies tonight - we're a big family of 6 at the mo all staying at Klein gastehaus. 2 more arriving on monday. it's so great to be surrounded by other lymies so we can share treatment experiences & have fun together on non-treatment days :-)

Next treatment on monday................

miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2009


Tag everyone!

just wanted to update you on my after effects of treatment #1:
  • on day of treatment -felt fine, no difference.
  • evening of treatment -developed bad headache & had bad drenching night sweats
  • following day - had what i call"bone crushed" feeling - ie all joints ached especially ankle & knees , shin splints feeling + increased muscular pain, - (not from my walking in the forest as i'm used to doing lots of exercise daily!!). i'd describe this as similar body die-off feeling to taking flagyl (metronidazole) abx.

today been swimming & in hydrotherapy massage pools to try shift all the toxins & feeling better for it :-)

next treatment tomorrow (Thurs)............

lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009


Had 1st photon treatment today -involved strapping the borrelia nososdes to my chest & positioning the bionic photon zapper on 10 different parts of my body for 320 seconds each.
no noticable feeling whilst undergoing the treatment -if anything it had a relaxing effect on me:-)

Then this was followed up by drips of homeopathic magnesium, zinc & lymphomyosot to help toxic drainage.

I didn't have any ozone (as like most other lymies undergoing treatment here) as DR W didnt consider it necessary for me as i have no cognitive problems (memory loss, concentration etc...)

So far feeling no different -(as expected as i know this is no quick fix) - no adverse effects either - just been for a 2 hour walk around Dobel forest in the snow!!!

next treatment on thurs...................


lymies know how to have fun................. -i;ve met some other super friendly lymies at gastehaus klein & we all had a ball at Karnaval this weekend: - out dancing all sat night, then watched a street parade on sunday & amassed a huge bag of candy sweets which we gave to Dr W this morning!!

viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009


Guten abends from Germany! -

had my 1st appointment today with DR Woitzel. -everyone very friendly at the clinic. The doc thoroghly read my history & just said "you poor sick girl"!!! - well i dont feel too sick at the mo - but for those who dont know me i was severly ill with lyme a few years back pre abx.

anyway - i got tested for borrelia & unfortunately the dial barely moved past 10 on his machine - which indicates very high lyme load :-( so after 5 years of abx i still have a high lyme load!! - i can only believe that all the abx i've taken have only pushed the borrelia into dormant cystic form ???? & he identified the worst affected lyme areas of my body as lymphatics, lungs & colon.

i didnt actually start any photon treatment today as Dr Woitzel was concerned about my neuro symptoms - i have v bad vertigo, imbalance, swinging/rocking feeling & shooting sensations & tingling. - he insisted i had a MRI scan to clear any other possibily of brain tumours etc.
so off i went to another clinic & spent day waiting & having MRI scan - fortunately all was cleared as normal so my neuro sx are still infection related.

photon treatment will now start on monday so i'll update you again after that..................

for now at weekend in the snow - its minus 6C here!!! how i long for my spanish beach in the sun!!

viernes, 30 de enero de 2009


I'm due to start bionic photon treatment in Germany next week on friday february 20th . so plan to write this blog so other lymies can follow my treatment progress.

Here's a bit aboout me - i initially contracted lyme 10 years ago but only chronically ill 8 years ago. (bedbound 3 years, unable to walk, BP problems (NMH/POTS) , severe neuro sx etc). I've been on abx for 5 years. These have helped me immensely but whenever i stop them i relapse. so i'm hoping this bionic treatment will keep me well without meds.

i'll write next from Germany.................