viernes, 3 de abril de 2009


this week i started co-infection treatment for toxoplasmosis with bionic machine.

i've had 2 sessions so far & it has hit me hard with bad diarrohea & vomiting - so obviously killing something in my gut or massive release of toxins??

i'm now going to take 2 wk break then treat another co-infection (strep or candida)so i'll keep posting on this blog after each co-infection tx or whenever i feel some significant progress/change in symptoms to report.

bye for now


Hi there,
it's now over 3 weeks since i returned from bionic treatment in Germany so i thought i'd write an update on how i'm getting on...........
  • my energy levels are still good - i'm playing golf, tennis, swimming, managing late nights out............
  • i've had no further night sweats
  • i've had no relapses - i've been off abx 10 wks now & normally prior to bionic tx, i've relapsed badly within 3-4 wks of stopping abx but not now :-) it's great not to be popping so many pills every day !!
  • however i still do have lingering neuro sx - vertigo/imbalance, tingling, shooting sensations uo arms & legs. - not sure if these are still borrelia related or co-infection? (as Dr W said may take 4 mths for borrelia sx to clear) - so we'll see...........................

overall i'm very glad i made the trip to germany. i will have a better opinion on effectiveness of treatment in 6 mths time - so i'll keep u all updated here..................................