lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009



Since I last posted, I have now treated with the bionic :
- Candida (2 strains – parapsil & albicans)
- Streptococcus (haemolyt, viridians & streptococcinum)

I didn’t get any adverse effect treating candida. However when 1st treating streptococcinum I developed sore throats.

So following these treatments, I have now treated all the suspected co-infections with the bionic since leaving germany.

I have just visited my local naturopath to get tested (with a vega machine – similar to Biocom that Dr W uses) for these co-infections to check I have cleared them.

Results were: -
all strains of streptococcus,
candida parapsil,

Candida albicans

So now I plan to continue treating the candida with the bionic + am going to treat mercury followed by infusions (essential when treating mercury) & then start with a blood nosode to be able to treat any other infections that we haven’t identified.

How am I???
Well I’m keeping well off abx – now been off them for 4 mths & no relapses.
I have very good energy levels, am playing lots of sports & managing late nights out without suffering any fatigue effects.

My symptoms: - I still however do have the following persistant neuro symptoms:
- imbalance/vertigo – swinging/rocking sensation (like on ship)
- parasthesia (tingling all over)
- shooting sensations up arms & legs

none of the above symptoms have improved nor worsened with treatment.

Overall thoughts – I am still very happy with the bionic treatment & remain confident it will keep me well.
As for the persistant neuro symptoms – I’ll wait see over time & with further bionic treatment is these disappear……………………??

I’ll continue to keep posting to keep any followers of this blog updated
Until next time………………….