miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2009


Tag everyone!

just wanted to update you on my after effects of treatment #1:
  • on day of treatment -felt fine, no difference.
  • evening of treatment -developed bad headache & had bad drenching night sweats
  • following day - had what i call"bone crushed" feeling - ie all joints ached especially ankle & knees , shin splints feeling + increased muscular pain, - (not from my walking in the forest as i'm used to doing lots of exercise daily!!). i'd describe this as similar body die-off feeling to taking flagyl (metronidazole) abx.

today been swimming & in hydrotherapy massage pools to try shift all the toxins & feeling better for it :-)

next treatment tomorrow (Thurs)............

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  1. Hola Liz! Thanx for the update! Very interesting reaction to the photon treatment!! It does sound like a really strong herx. I had a few night sweats aswell tho not as strong as yours. Good luck with your next treatment tomoro, look forward to hearing about it, take care A xx

  2. I, too, had terrible night sweats for over a week when I first started photon treatment.

    Have you been to the pools in Baden Baden? Very nice.

  3. Thanks for comments bettyblue & sixgoofy - nice to know u are following my blog :-)
    my night sweats only lasted 2 nights after tx #1 & now after tx #2 - i didnt get any night sweats - that's great.

    baden -baden - no not yet been there to pools. - maybe this weekend . i dont have a car here so will try persuade one of the other lymies to go this weekend.

    we're big family of 6 lymies at the mo - 2 more arriving on monday :-)

    tx again for your comments