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Since I last posted, I have now treated with the bionic :
- Candida (2 strains – parapsil & albicans)
- Streptococcus (haemolyt, viridians & streptococcinum)

I didn’t get any adverse effect treating candida. However when 1st treating streptococcinum I developed sore throats.

So following these treatments, I have now treated all the suspected co-infections with the bionic since leaving germany.

I have just visited my local naturopath to get tested (with a vega machine – similar to Biocom that Dr W uses) for these co-infections to check I have cleared them.

Results were: -
all strains of streptococcus,
candida parapsil,

Candida albicans

So now I plan to continue treating the candida with the bionic + am going to treat mercury followed by infusions (essential when treating mercury) & then start with a blood nosode to be able to treat any other infections that we haven’t identified.

How am I???
Well I’m keeping well off abx – now been off them for 4 mths & no relapses.
I have very good energy levels, am playing lots of sports & managing late nights out without suffering any fatigue effects.

My symptoms: - I still however do have the following persistant neuro symptoms:
- imbalance/vertigo – swinging/rocking sensation (like on ship)
- parasthesia (tingling all over)
- shooting sensations up arms & legs

none of the above symptoms have improved nor worsened with treatment.

Overall thoughts – I am still very happy with the bionic treatment & remain confident it will keep me well.
As for the persistant neuro symptoms – I’ll wait see over time & with further bionic treatment is these disappear……………………??

I’ll continue to keep posting to keep any followers of this blog updated
Until next time………………….

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  1. Hi,
    I just found your blog via Better Health Guy Scott, and I'm wondering how you are doing now? I'm considering the Bionic 880 and would love to hear how you are doing 2+ years after going to Germany.


  2. Hi Surfbabe,

    I would like to know how you are doing as well. It's been a couple of years since your Germany trip and I would like to know if you're much better now. I'm a Lyme sufferer as well and am considering making the trip across the pond to see Dr. Woitzel. Thank you very much. Please email me at Thank you again.