jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009



had photon treatment #2 yesterday - same procedure as #1 :
- photon therapy for 1 hr
- followed by drip infusions.

after effects this time:
  • evening of treatment day - sleepy & slight increased inflammation in brain & spine. NO night sweats this time :-)
  • next day (today) - NO "bone crushed" herx feeling, NO worsening of joint pains. I woke up feeling energised, BP higher (normally i'm lethargic in morning as low BP from NMH but not today) - am just off out to the gym for a workout!!!

so it seems each photon treatment is having a different effect on me.

Now for the weekend off - going out with the other lymies tonight - we're a big family of 6 at the mo all staying at Klein gastehaus. 2 more arriving on monday. it's so great to be surrounded by other lymies so we can share treatment experiences & have fun together on non-treatment days :-)

Next treatment on monday................

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