lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009



had a fun-filled weekend with other lymies - out experiencing german nightlife + relaxing in saunas & hydro massage pools

Photon treatment #3 was yesterday - same as before - photons + infusions.

after effects :

  • mild night sweats last night
  • woke up feeling more alert in this morning & more energy.

Noticable improvements from bionic so far:

  • more energy
  • less breathlessness/wheazy/chest tightening
  • waking up with clearer head, more alert in mornings
  • circulation much improved
  • BP higher - NMH/POTS (neurally mediated hypotension) improved - am better able to tolerate upright position with less blood pooling at feel
  • feel more relaxed - less nervous tension

Persistant symptoms contninuing:

  • vertigo/dizziness, imbalance - swinging/rocking feeling like ship
  • shooting sensations up arms & legs
  • paraesthesia (tingling) all over

(however i believe the above to be caused by bartonella - so will be interesting to see how i test to bartonella nosodes next week)

off for swim & sauna now!

next treatment thursday............

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