sábado, 7 de marzo de 2009



had photon treatment #4 on thursday - same as before: photon therapy + infusions.

after effects: - still getting drenching night sweats & increased joint pain & inflammation.
(prior to coming to germany i hadnt had night sweats for about 1 year but now getting every night, so either its my body's way of ridding toxins or co-infection are back active??)

went to Meripharm (www.meripharm.de) in nearby town baden-baden to buy some more nosodes for co-infections.
(for those coming to germany for bionic - i highly recommend this pharmacy to get the co-infections nososdes as they have a large stock & do not require prescription - check out their website for full list of nosodes - they sell most apart from bartonella & babesia - i got these from www.desbio.com in usa prior to coming to Germany)

next treatment monday....... + testing for co-infections so will be interesting to see what Dr W finds in me..............................

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