miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2009


had photon treatment #5 on monday, then got tested for borrelia & co-infections on tuesday.

GOOD NEWS -yesterday i was given all clear of borrelia by Dr Woitzel :-) so was celebrating with champagne!!! ´(ok i know not good for strict diet but hey its worth celebrating!!)

it's hard to believe that i no longer have borrelia as i've been ill with it for over 10 years.

the main symptoms i would say have improved are: - ankle, knee & spinal joint pains & spinal stiffness. I've still got lots of dizziness & imbalance - but this must be caused by co-infections?

i managed to ask Dr W more questions on how the photon therapy works & whether borrelia is actually cleared from my body. i will share with you his replies:

- he said there are 2 schools of thought:

1) borrelia is eliminated from the body with photon therapy.

2) the photons change the frequency of the borrelia so that it is no longer functioning at a frequency that makes us sick & with symptoms. (this latter thought is what Dr W said he believed). so we become asymptomatic.

i also carried out some tests for co-infections, using the nososdes i had purchased from Meripharm pharmacy.

here are the results:
Borrelia (DR W) -NEGATIVE
Borrelia, babs, ehrli -NEGATIVE
Bartonella - little (with Biotensor)
Candida Parapsil -Little
Candida Mona (Albicans) -POSITIVE (50)
Candida Krusei -NEGATIVE
Streproconnum - POSITIVE (40)
Strepto haemolyt -POSITIVE (50)
Streptococcus Viridians -POSITIVE (50)
Staphylococcus -NEGATIVE
Chlamydia Trachom -NEGATIVE
Filariose -Little
Listeriose -NEGATIVE
Toxoplasmosis -POSITIVE (50)
Mycoplasma -NEGATIVE

Flying back to my sunshine home tomorrow - cant wait :-) i'm sure there'll be a few more fiestas to come............................

my plan now is to treat co-infections with the bionic machine

i'll continue to update this blog regularly for those that are following my progress so you can see how i progress post treatment.

thanks for following my treatment - surfbabe xx

2 comentarios:

  1. Great news surfbabe!!!

    Thanks for sharing Dr W's thoughts...very interesting.

    Hope you continue to do well when you get back home and you have a safe journey back :-)

    Take care xxx

  2. Congratulations!!!!

    I also appreciate Dr. W's thoughts on how it works. Be careful when you treat for co's .... it hits me hard every time I try a new one. Right now I'm treating with blood, and it's knocked me down a bit fatigue-wise, but all the other symptoms continue to be resolved.