lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009


Had 1st photon treatment today -involved strapping the borrelia nososdes to my chest & positioning the bionic photon zapper on 10 different parts of my body for 320 seconds each.
no noticable feeling whilst undergoing the treatment -if anything it had a relaxing effect on me:-)

Then this was followed up by drips of homeopathic magnesium, zinc & lymphomyosot to help toxic drainage.

I didn't have any ozone (as like most other lymies undergoing treatment here) as DR W didnt consider it necessary for me as i have no cognitive problems (memory loss, concentration etc...)

So far feeling no different -(as expected as i know this is no quick fix) - no adverse effects either - just been for a 2 hour walk around Dobel forest in the snow!!!

next treatment on thurs...................

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