viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009


Guten abends from Germany! -

had my 1st appointment today with DR Woitzel. -everyone very friendly at the clinic. The doc thoroghly read my history & just said "you poor sick girl"!!! - well i dont feel too sick at the mo - but for those who dont know me i was severly ill with lyme a few years back pre abx.

anyway - i got tested for borrelia & unfortunately the dial barely moved past 10 on his machine - which indicates very high lyme load :-( so after 5 years of abx i still have a high lyme load!! - i can only believe that all the abx i've taken have only pushed the borrelia into dormant cystic form ???? & he identified the worst affected lyme areas of my body as lymphatics, lungs & colon.

i didnt actually start any photon treatment today as Dr Woitzel was concerned about my neuro symptoms - i have v bad vertigo, imbalance, swinging/rocking feeling & shooting sensations & tingling. - he insisted i had a MRI scan to clear any other possibily of brain tumours etc.
so off i went to another clinic & spent day waiting & having MRI scan - fortunately all was cleared as normal so my neuro sx are still infection related.

photon treatment will now start on monday so i'll update you again after that..................

for now at weekend in the snow - its minus 6C here!!! how i long for my spanish beach in the sun!!

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  2. Buena suerte!! I hope it goes well today!!

  3. I have the same neuro symptoms... The vertigo, imbalance, rocking on a boat feeling. I have had it for 2 years straight now and it keeps me debilitated. Has the treatment helped with these symptoms yet??

    ALso, Why did he make you go for an MRI for these symptoms if he knew you had lyme??

    Good luck with the rest of your trip!